As a certified Reiki Master, Stephanie offers the profound healing technique of Reiki, which has been practiced for decades. Whether you prefer in-person or virtual sessions, Stephanie channels life-force energy through gentle hand placements on or above specific areas of your body, facilitating a calming, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience with endless healing benefits.

In a Chakra Balancing session, Stephanie combines Reiki symbols and works with the energy of your seven Chakras to clear and balance your energy body. This supports and enhances various aspects of your life, providing valuable insights and opportunities for reflection. By addressing imbalances and areas of "dis-ease," this session can help restore harmony.

To further support your healing journey, Stephanie provides a 30-minute follow-up conversation, allowing you to discuss and integrate the healing energy as you move forward.

(1) 90 min Session

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(3) 90 min Sessions

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Working with Stephanie was a pleasure.

She was kind and considerate, thoughtful and caring. She helped me settle into a beautiful space and gave me the liberty to explore. I had a lovely experience. Stephanie’s voice is calming and assuring. She’s amazing.

- Amy-Brooke G.